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God’s Love is Found in My Books

My Original Christian Books are about God's Love

My original Christian short stories are compiled into beautifully illustrated books.

These six books are about my love for God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ and God, the Holy Spirit.

These books are truly uplifting, inspirational and will help in your devotional life.

All books are available in paperback and hardcover editions.

All books are reasonably priced for your enjoyment and to share with family and friends.


God's Love Is Perfect

God's Love Comforts and Surrounds You!

God's Love Is Perfect: Sharing the Love of God! Sharing The Love Of God!

God's Love Comforts and Surrounds You!: May My Stories Comfort and Give You Peace! (Books with Short Stories Sharing the L... May My Stories Comfort You and Give You Peace!

God’s Love Is Perfect!!!

Sharing the Love of God! My stories share and demonstrate God’s love for you and I. God’s love is felt in the sunshine. His love is painted in the delicate hues of a rainbow. God’s love is heard in the melodious and sweet notes of birdsong. We are all surrounded by God’s Healing and Comforting Love. 

God’s Love Comforts and Surrounds You! 

Peace! This book is inspired by my love for God our Heavenly Father. We are all surrounded by God’s Healing and Comforting Love. This book is a compilation of short stories that I have had successfully published. My stories share and demonstrate God’s love for you and me.

God's Love is Reflected in Nature

Abiding in the Love of Jesus



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This small book is another of my short stories. This again is dedicated to my love of God the Father. His Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope this little book touches your heart with God’s love, Diane Markey.

My love for my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus again is the reason behind the stories in this little book. The sixteen stories cover the ministry of Jesus’ life and how He blessed and loved everyone who knew Him. Jesus still lives and blesses us today. I hope. I pray that Jesus comes alive for you through my stories and the illustrations I have included throughout.

Feeling the Love of Jesus

Life Is A Journey Of Love



This little book is added to my series written about my love for God and His Son, Jesus. This little book is a compilation of 15 simple stories and a few fun images sprinkled through. Jesus’ love for you shines through all these stories. I hope and pray you feel His hand in yours as you read.

My stories are all written from the heart and have many images which make them all so much more interesting.
I feel my stories bring God and Jesus more real for people. Jesus loves us all and His love shines through my writings. Enjoy my book and share it around, Diane.

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