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Watercolours Landscapes & Abstract Art to Love For Sale

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Small Watercolor Paintings For Sale AND Discover a small treasure to liven up your lounge room

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Original Landscape Watercolor Paintings For Sale

Affordable Watercolor Paintings include timber frame with stand — each is priced at $100.00

Free Delivery anywhere in Australia.

Diane Markey’s Online Art Gallery – Selling Watercolor Paintings

This small selection of Abstract and Landscape Watercolor Paintings offer purchasers a simpler option.

Each painting is brightly colored, and is enhanced with its simple timber frame and metal stand.

I enjoy the simplicity that watercolor painting brings. The bright colors used in each painting adds to this enjoyment.

I hope that this joy will be passed on to my customers. The Abstract Watercolor paintings are in the simplicity technique where the paper is first covered with a simple backgroud and then the final abstract painting placed on top. Quite simple in design and application. Yet, the completed Small Watercolor Painting with its bright colors, simple timber frame and gold stand very pleasing to the eye. I am very proud of these simple  and Original Watercolor Paintings.

I can also create a simple watercolor painting on commission if required.  

If you have any questions about my Small Watercolor Paintings

Abstract Watercolour Art (20 x 30 cms)
abstract 4/4
Abstract Watercolour Art (20 x 30 cms)
Abstract Watercolour Art (20 x 30 cms)
Abstract Watercolour Art (20 x 30 cms)
solitary tree watercolor
Solitary Tree Art (20 x 30 cms)
lone tree watercolor
A Lone Gum Art (20 x 30 cms)
trees in wind
Trees in the Wind (20 x 30 cms)
landscape watercolor
Alpine Valley Art (40 x 30 cms)

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tree in wind
personal art blog
A Lone Gum Art Watercolour Painting
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