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A Brief History Behind the Australian Art That I Love

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OIl Painting of Tacking Point Beach
Naive Style Oil Painting Point Beach Lighthouse

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Australian Seascape Oil Paintings
Capturing Australia in Oil

As I stated in my previous post Australia’s unique beauty simply takes my breath away. Storytelling in oils on canvas is my way of allowing nature to tell it’s tale for anyone that wants to see.

Upon retiring a couple of years ago I decided to follow my dream and to use God’s gift and put brush to canvas and paint Australian Seascape Oil Paintings.

Capturing Australia in Oils is both a challenge and a pleasure to me. Inspiration comes out of gratitude from the mere blessing of being able to live in such a magnificent country. 

When deciding to start off on my journey into the world of Art – Of, course, I needed to establish a style that allowed Me to be Me. So, I Google searched. I found and joined. This course showed me two styles that were answering all my boxes. Realism – which I am still striving to perfect and Impressionism – which I will not go all the way with, but shows me many tips that I put into each and every new creation. Of course, painting as any other artform is a lifetime journey, and one which entails ongoing education and practice. I thoroughly thrive on both. There is so much I can learn from Google searches and books from Amazon, etc.

I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind Australian Seascape Oil Paintings through this online course. Both through its steb-by-step tutorials and from family photos. I utterly amaze myself how quickly my gift of oil painting progresses into art that is being accepted into various Australian Art Shows. That in itself, is a boost and inspires more reading and online courses. And, of course, more standing at the easel and painting my impression of Australian beaches. Capturing Australia in Oils is a truly amazing purpose in life and one that I am enjoying sharing with you in this Personal Art Blog.

Of course, there are paintings that don’t meet my exacting standards. These creations are now hanging on the walls of family and friends. Yet, I do not count these paintings as failures. They are stepping stones in my exciting journey in the world as a Professional Artist.

When standing infront of my easel painting, OR, stepping back -ASSESSING my progress – I am transported back in time to the beach that I am capturing on canvas. The satisfaction that I gain when I complete a painting makes me want to “jump for joy”. When I first started out on my journey into this artworld I would never have guessed just how much I could have gained from buying a canvas and filling it with color. Each one a unique painting that is indeed storytelling in oil paints on canvas in its own way.

Each beach of my Australian Seascape Oil Paintings is one that I have enjoyed -(even those through Accept Honemoon Bay Tasmania, I will get there one day.

The mornings that I know that I am going to continue with a painting brings a smile to my face and a word of thanks to God. The anticipation that I am going to put brush to canvas and continue on another creation is a feeling that  words cannot fully explain.

All I hope is that my true admiration of Australia’s unique character is portrayed successfully in this small virtual exhibition!

Now, please, I do encourage all comments, suggestions and questions to help me grow as an Aspiring Artist. I love all my paintings. Yet, I also realize that I am just a Beginner with so MUCH to learn.

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australian paintings capturing nature
Seascape Oil Painting of Noos Heads

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australian seascape oil paintings
Australian Seacape Oil Painting of Golden Beach

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