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tacking point beach
Tacking Point Beach
noosa heads
Noosa Heads

INFORMATIVE Australian Artist's Blog

CREATIVE Australian Artist's Blog
introduces me as an Artist who Loves Australian nature.

List of Blog Posts:

  • Capturing Australia’s Nature in Oils;
  • Inspiring Australian Artists I Admire;
  • Creating Australia’ Story in Oils;
  • Admiring Australia in Oils;
  • Australian Seascape Oil Paintings;
  • Sharing My Passion with the World.

Personal Art Blog – A Brief Introduction Into Who I am As an Australian Artist

Australia to me is a nation of breath-taking beauty!!! I have travelled quite extensively and taken Oh! so many photos. Many of which I now turn into artwork. Please do use this Australian Artist’s Blog to learn a little about me and my paintings – as well as forming a new art community. By reading the suggestions of other readers and replying if you choose to do so.

Throughout my working life I dreamt of being able to capture on canvas Australia’s unique character. Upon retirement a short time ago I was determined to fulfill that dream.

Of course the realization struck me that this was going to be “easier said than done’. I have visited many galleries on my travels and I knew instincively what style I am drawn to. I always wanted to paint seascapes in oils and that is what I mainly do. I favour realism which captures a particular scene and transfers that scene “realistically” on to canvas. I also enjoy the power that is gained from impressionism and attempt to integrate this style in to my paintings to create depth and a sense of diversity. Am I succeeding in these styles do you think?

You are encouraged to offer suggestions on how I can improve on my seascape and landscape oil paintings. Also, by interacting with other readers through this blog you can share suggestions and have questions answered. Questions answered and suggestions made by those who are lovers of Australia’s amazing nature and enjoy seeing it depicted in original artwork is how I picture this new online community to be based.

You may browse through my Original Oil Paintings and see for yourself how I am trying to tell Australia’s story in oils on canvas. Do you treasure Australia as much as I? If the answer is a very affirmative yes! Then we have a very good connection.

Readers are welcome to ask me questions not only about my paintings, but about me as an artist in general. I would welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge I have gained along the way. Suggestions offered by readers would be acknowledged and used to add to my tool kit. We can learn from each other and form a community of like-minded people who love original oil paintings that tell Australia’s unique story on canvas.

Mine is a life time journey that needs guidance.

Please do leave your Suggestions and Questions. Any help sincerely accepted. 

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Here is the List of My Blog Posts

Capturing Australia's Nature in Oils

Creating Australia's Story In Oils.

Admiring Australia in Oils

Australian Seascape Oil Paintings
tree in wind
Watercolor of Trees Blown in Wind
australian artist's blog
solitary gum watercolor

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