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Admiring Australia in Oils Created by My Love for Nature

admiration of australia in oils
Landscape Oil Painting of Picnic Area on Copeton Road SOLD

Creating Paintings Inspired by Nature in Oils

Admiring Australia in Oils –  Comments Welcome!

I have had the good fortune of living for many years in Port Macquarie on Hastings Coast of N.S.W. Then for several years in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast of Queensland. I so enjoyed living and working in these truly amazing coastal locations.

I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed strolling along the magnificent beaches of these coastal locations.

Of course, my camera was always handy capturing special times and places. Now this visual library is my foundation for my oil paintings, both seascapes and landscapes. All my artwork is my demonstration of my sincere Admiration of Australia depicted in oils

As part of my journey as an Aspiring Artist I enjoy visiting Local Art Galleries as part of my travels. I stand in awe at how other artists capture Australia’s amazing nature. Mere words will never tell just how magnificent I believe Australia to be!

I now wonder if I can truly capture the essence of this nation’s wild character on canvas and tell its story for anyone interested.

So, now that I have retired I have decided to try to capture the essence of how Australia speaks to me in oils on canvas. I am surprised how I am overwhelmingly captured by the process of creating each and every artwork – success or not. 

I usually work from family photos, but have also created seascape paintings from online courses that I am taking. But, I understand that this is not as good as actually being at the scene of the painting that I am about to create.

I still travel to Port Macquarie to visit my youngest son, Mark, whenever I can and of course take photos for more paintings. The pure anticipation that I am taking a photo that may lead to another Australian Seascape Oil Painting does indeed bring a smile to my face. 

I cannot wait to purchase the canvas, print copies of the photo, grid out the canvas and take all the other steps needed for a successful creation. Oh! How I do love painting. Have you guessed by Now??? I am so fortunate to have holidays in Port Macquarie  – it is such a magnificent place. 

I still recall the simple pleasure of stepping into the warm surf, feeling the breeze on my skin, hearing the gulls enjoying the spring days – all bring such peace and joy that mere words can’t truly portray.

This is where brush and canvas come into play. I love especially sunset/sunrise and the pastel colours displayed in the sky and reflected in the shallow waters of low tide. Putting such memories onto canvas to last a lifetime.

Spring days and the azure sky with gentle clouds offering coolness to those strolling along Australia’s northern amazing beaches, memories transposed again onto canvas.

All this beauty simply takes my breath away. So, I in my own way I use oils to put these images on to canvas. I endeavour to stay true to who I am – yet at the same time learn from Masters.

I do so admire those who have truly Mastered the Style of Realism. I have not got there yet. I admire Claude Monet and others who introduced Impressionism – but will not tend to go all out with that one. I tend to fall in between these two styles. If you were to label what I do – perhaps – Realism/Impressionism.

Well, have you gathered just a little how truly amazed I feel the Australian coastline is.

I now live in Moree, Western N.S.W and I have ventured into many other Outback regions of NSW and Queensland. My landscape oil paintings will testify how amazing I feel rural Australia is. How western N.S.W. and Queensland have to battle severe weather conditions – yet – to me – still have their own amazing characters. 

The many photos that I have taken whilst traveling these remote regions cannot truly tell the stories they have to tell. So, I in my own way try to elaborate a little in my Australian Landscape Oil Paintings. I have successfully sold one already – WOW!

 Enough of my ramblings, bye-for-now, Diane.

admiration of australia in oils
Australian Landscape Oil Painting of Picnic Area

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